About Us

My name is Hunter Lane, founder and creator of OriginLyfe. Through my experiences working in the funeral profession, I have realized the importance of preserving memories and the sobering fact that no one is promised tomorrow. While serving families, I frequently witness the frustration of loved ones trying to recall family member’s names, dates, and other important information.

Unfortunately, the modern world propels us to live in a fast-paced environment where things are easily forgotten or lost. I have created a groundbreaking social media company to allow users the ability to store irreplaceable family records, share precious memories, and together, build your family’s LyfeTree.

On OriginLyfe you will be able to connect with other LyfeUsers,  explore the Origins of others; past and present, create a page for a newborn infant, store priceless moments of children growing up, create a page for an individual who is not able to access the site due to sickness/health reasons, or honor family members who have passed on. OriginLyfe is here to pay tribute to your loved ones and allow your family’s legacies to last forever. Want to learn more? Contact me below:



Fort Blackmore, VA