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Memories Vs. Legacies

When a loved one passes away, what happens to their fondest memories? What if we told you that your memories could last forever and be used to build a family legacy: your family’s LyfeTree. OriginLyfe is a modern genealogy website that will help families to share their life story and the stories of their loved ones. LyfeUsers would be able to preserve their family’s legacy by uploading the content to OriginLyfe. 


Upload documents, photos, letters, and more to preserve them forever. You can publicly or privately display them


LyfePages are created to allow LyfeUsers to see a page the LyfeUser creates for others to interact with whether they are an infant or elderly person.


LyfeUsers can connect with others to learn more about their origin.


LyfePaths are simple scannable codes to be placed on any type of surface. From a picture, clothing, trophy, urn, headstone, etc., the opportunities are endless. Scan the code to see whose LyfePath you can walk through.


LyfeUsers will be able to create their own family tree groups. The LyfeUser will be able to add family members to the LyfeTree group and they will be able share memorable moments together on a virtual level.

Voice of Lyfe

A simple scannable code allowing you to hear, see, and relive a special memory. The memory could be watching a baby saying its first words, a marriage proposal, a family vacation, or a loved one telling a story. The Voice of Lyfe products are endless.

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Legacies may last for a while but not forever. The only way they will last forever is if they are documented on OriginLyfe. OriginLyfe has created the easiest and most innovative genealogy website. No hidden fees, no costly subscriptions.

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